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Dr. Chen Jirong
Dr. Chen Jirong

Title: Physician

Department: Anesthesiology

Language: Chinese

Expertise: Nerve block anesthesia, intrathecal anesthesia, MAC, intravenous inhalational anesthesia, total intravenous anesthesia, combined anesthesia. Anesthesia for painless gastroscope, bronchoscope, induced abortion and labor. Controlled hypotension, autologous blood transfusion, arterial and venous puncture, Picco, pulmonary artery catheterization. Anesthesia for various surgeries like open heart surgery, Off-pump coronary artery bypass, laparoscope, retroperitoneal laparoscopy, thoracoscopic, etc. He is specialized in dealing with slow induction of endotracheal intubation, bronchoscope leaded tracheal intubation, visualized laryngoscope, laryngeal mask, dual-chamber bronchial cannula, especially the difficult airways.


Dr. Chen has been working as anesthetist for over 20 years in first class public hospitals, and has provided anesthesia for tens of thousands patients. In recent years, he pay more attention to perioperative adjustment and intraoperative accurate regulation for elderly critical ill patients. He advocates comfortable anesthesia.