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Shanghai Roots&Shoots Joins Hands with Shanghai Renai Hospital to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary

Jun 22, 2018

On June 22 afternoon, Shanghai Roots&Shoots together with Shanghai Renai Hospital celebrated the 10th anniversary of cooperation on public benefits and the 10th anniversary of Shanghai Renai Hospital International Medical Center at Pullman Shanghai South hotel. Besides, other business partners were also invited, such as MSH China, Generali China, Swisscham Shanghai and so on. 


Shanghai Roots&Shoots was established in 1999 to educate youth about environmental issues as well as the protection of wild animals. With the development of the program, Roots&Shoots began to build a multiple teenagers caring system. In this context, KidStrong which targets migrant children's health, nutrition and education needs was established in 2006. 

In 2009, Shanghai Renai hospital joined KidStrong. And in the following 10 years, Shanghai Renai Hospital and many other well-meaning enterprises and individuals provided health care for over 10,000 students in 11 schools under the assistance of Roots&Shoots. 


According to the latest statistics, till the first half year of 2018, the number of aid-receiving students increases to 5,000 from 2,000 in 2009, rising by more than 150%. 2755 students received oral cavity health examination, which is 17 times larger than the original number—150. And the number of students who were treated increases to 849 from only 17 at the beginning. Besides, the number of students who received visual acuity examination raises from 600 to 2941. 724 students gained their spectacles in the short first 5 months of 2018. Compared to 179 in 2009, the respectable growth peace is inspiring. In addition, at the beginning, there are only 300 students who take part in the health care lecture held by Renai hospital, and now the number has increased to 4088. 


At the opening ceremony, leaders of Boai Group, Shanghai Renai hospital, Shanghai Roots&Shoots, Swisscham Shanghai and MSH China cut the ribbon together after watching the VCR which broadcasted the key moments of the last decade's cooperation.



Zhong Zhenxi, the executive director of Shanghai Roots&Shoots, gave a speech and expressed his appreciation for the adamantine support from caring enterprises over the years. The general manager of Shanghai Renai hospital Xu Shanshan also expressed her hope for further cooperation in the next 10 years and appealed to more medical enterprises to participate in public benefit work.  


On the spot, the executive director and operation director of Shanghai Roots&Shoots awarded Wang Yafen who is a teacher in Maqiao School and Min Jiajian who used to be the director of social responsibility the "KidStrong Characte Award" awarded Italiani Shanghai and Swisscham the "KidStrong Awareness Award" awarded the BHP Billiton China and Haifutong fund management company the "KidStrong Action Award" and awarded Shanghai Renai hospital and private Yumiao Primary School in Minhang District the "KidStrong Organization Award" to give thanks for their great contribution to the project. 


The principal of Yumiao Primary School Yao Tao gave a speech of thanks and reviewed the changes that the "KidStrong" project brought to the students over the last decade.The students representative Chen Nuo made a speech too.



The martial art team from Yumiao Primary School performed Chinese Kungfu to express their appreciation. They are migrant workers'kids. Under the help of "KidStrong"project, they get an all-round heath and nutrition care during the periods of studying in Shanghai. 20_副本.png

At the end, the leaders started-up the expectation ceremony for the next ten years'cooperation, including the executive director of Boai Group in Shanghai and Shenzhen area Lin Xinping, the general manager Xu Shanshan and vice-general manager Chen Congping of Shanghai Renai Hospital, the director of Shanghai Renai Hospital International Medical Center, the executive director Zhong Zhenxi and operation director Li Yujing of Shanghai Roots&Shoots and the director of high-end medical insurance department of Generali China Fanny Liu.