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The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jan 9, 2017Posted by nameless

Throughout the ages human beings have entertained the idea of extending their lives well beyond the norm. The question then comes down to why some people become ill, while others do not. Maybe the answer is that the healthy person, either by choice or by chance, is living a correct life style leading to a healthy immune response, bio-physical state of health and mental capacity.

Benifits of T.C.M.

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Each and every person on this planet has a different life experience bringing with them diverse health issues. Each disease pattern will be manifested in a different way. Why should one person be issued the same exact prescription that the person just before them had issued to them??? The odds are is that they shouldn't. The outside disharmonies(s) may be the same, for instance a headache and nausea, but the Chinese Medicine Patterns, sub-patterns and root cause most likely are not. This is the ultimate beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With T.C.M., multiple groups of disharmonies [daily health issues] can be categorized and dealt with on an individual basis, returning health care back to a personalized event. That would mean seeing a Chinese Medicine Practitioner concerned only with your individual harmonization or recovery back to homeostasis.

T.C.M. is one of the oldest continually practiced means of medicine on the planet. Utilizing such ingenious and elemental concepts as: Yin or Yang, hot or cold and wet or dry and The Five Element Theory T.C.M. is superior in its innate perception of both your body's needs and requirements. For those of you purchasing our balanced pre-made formulas by following the Body Guide, Chinese Medicine Patterns, Disharmonies and Treatments pages listed you should be able to find the closest resemblance of yourself and purchase the recommended Chinese Medicine Formulas. We also offer an online consultation to further help with the clarification of your personal Chinese Medicine Patterns, and to customize your herbal treatment program.

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine Works

I cannot tell you how many people have stepped into our office, stared at all the Chinese Herbs in the jars on the wall, and asked, "How does this work?" My usual response is to reply that we look at the why... not what. The What can be defined as the plethora of biomedical diseases named by allopathic medicine. For example: migraine headaches, PMS, Parkinson's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and so on… It is easy to name a disease, but where does it come from, and why has it manifested in you and not the next person?

There is an actual Chinese word [character or thought] for the most importantly why part of my answer. It is called ben or root cause. For example: some of you have chronic headaches while others cannot sleep at night. Why do certain people have certain complaints and not others? There are underlying Chinese Medicine Patterns or a root cause that must be addressed. Most importantly, Traditional Chinese Medicine is able to recognize the internal problem by the outer manifestations and categorize it into logical causes by following the Five Elemental, Eight Parameter and Four Diagnostic methods. A headache, for example, is broken down into a subcategory looking at its nature, timing, location and intensity. It can come from a weakened digestion or a non-regulating, stagnation in the Liver Organ System. Both Patterns are completely different, but possibly related.

T.C.M. is based equally on prevention as it is on being a highly effective long-term healing system assisting chronic health issues that afflict so many of you. Using raw, natural herbs are safe, affordable and have virtually no side effects. We have spoken to many chemists about the synthesizing of natural substances in which they state that there is still no way to copy nature. This is why most chemical prescriptions have a side effect warnings attached to them. T.C.M. has the ability to promote and maintain a standard of health which comes from your own ability to regulate and ward-off disease factors. Each of us is a microcosmic unit of elements, emotions and spirit. By helping you to harmonize these three aspects, robust health can possibly be attained. Chinese Herbal Formulas can be [and should be!] utilized indefinitely because they are just that, herbs, found growing naturally on the earth, natures healing gift to all. We suggest, in the least, a detox, Yin and Yang type Chinese Herbal Formula once a month regulating and promoting your body's natural healing process.

Prevention of Disease

The area of disease prevention is vastly becoming a more accepted and viable way of thought, and for that matter...approach to sustained health and longevity. Even with the most open minded of you, disease prevention is still quite a hard concept to comprehend. Convincing the average person to take preventive health measures years before possibly becoming ill with a serious disease is not an easy task.

For thousands of years the great Chinese Physicians believed in taking measures to ward off disease by keeping a patient's organ systems harmonized. They would only accept money while the patient was healthy. If the patient became ill, no money was accepted. The Chinese Physicians would then work very hard to restore the patient's health. A concept sadly reversed in the rest of the world with exuberant amounts of money spent on health insurance waiting for the diagnosis of a serious illness.

Chinese Medicine states that if all of the Five Organ Systems are working harmoniously, disease will not be able to penetrate. Taking Chinese Herbal Formulas from Heaven and Earth CMHC on a regular basis is an excellent way to help regulate, maintain and promote the organ system networks and create a powerful resistance factor. We should all try to follow the ancient Chinese concept of prevention and take the Chinese Herbs as a new standard for health and longevity.