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Special Offer

Renai Double 11 Shopping Carnival

Nov 7, 2017Posted by nameless

General- Medical Checkup 50%OFF

Gynecology- Checkup 75%OFF

T.C.M. Therapy- 90%OFF

 E.N.T.- Sleep Apnea Syndrome Checkup 75%OFF

Dental- Checkup and Cleaning 50%OFF

1. Medical Checkup Packages 

50% OFF( Save 3234CNY at most)


click here for details about the package

2. Gynecological Checkup 

75% OFF(Save 2622CNY at most)

A. General Gynecological Checkup Package

Original Price: 1300CNY 

Double 11 Price: 338CNY 

B. Cervical Cancer & Breast Cancer 

Screening Package 

Original Price: 3460CNY 

Double 11 Price: 838CNY

click here for details about the package

3. T.C.M.Therapy Package 

90% OFF(Save 1170CNY)


4. E.N.T. Sleep Apnea Syndrome Checkup Package 

75%OFF (Save 1200CNY)


click here for details about the package

5. Dental Checkup and Cleaning Package 

50% OFF (Save 500CNY)


How to make an appointment?

Scan the below QR code to make an appointment(please write down the package you need + "double 11")

Our staff will contact you immediately after you applied


Offer starts from November 7th, 2017-November 14th, 2017

Package valid from November 7th, 2017- May 7th, 2018 (6 months)

Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, debit cards.

Contact us: info@renai.cn/ (8621)54893781

Please note: All above offers only can be used in Renai Hospital International Department.