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Nasal disease

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

Nasal disease - nose related disease such as:

Rhinitis – Inflation of the inside of the nose such as: stuffy nose, runny nose, nasal drip. The most common cause of rhinitis is allergic that triggers the pollen and dander which causes itching eyes, running nose , sneezing and nose itching and more.

Sinusitis- Inflamed or infection of the sinuses which are the nose hollow air space. Sinusitis can be caused from blocked nose and last for a few days but it can also be chronic. Sinusitis in not a severs disease but it can cause an uncomfort feeling to the patient in addition to other symptoms such as: fever, cough weakness and more.

Leep apnea syndrome(snoring)- Common sleep disorder which means a stop of breath or a very shallow breath which causes the following symptoms headaches , night sweats, severe tiredness during daytime, restless sleep, teeth grinding and more .

Nasal polyp- Nose tumor which causes inflammation and allergic rhinitis. Polyps can be easily removed or can be treated with medications.