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Gynecological inflammation Gynecological inflammation mainly refers to the inflammation of the reproductive organs of women,which could be a result of a variety of conditions including… General S

Women suffer from gynecological inflammation of what are the symptoms? The onset of inflammation of department of gynaecology to female body damage is very large, even can cause infertility, so in or

There are many different gynecological inflammations and infections that require the clinical care of a physician or another healthcare professional. It is very important for a woman to seek medical

What is vaginitis? Click Image to Enlarge Vaginitis refers to any inflammation or infection of the vagina. This is a common gynecological problem found in women of all ages, with one-third of wom

What is cervicitis? Cervicitis is an irritation of the cervix caused by a number of different organisms. Cervicitis is generally classified as either acute, meaning the onset of symptoms is severe