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Renai hospital examination for internal diseases

Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless

Renai hospital examination for internal diseases :

Gastrointestinal endoscope - an examination that allows doctors to see the inside surface of the digestive tract. The examination is performed using a flexible tube with a tv camera on the end called an endoscope that allows the doctor to see a high resolution image of your digestive tract on a color screen.

CT scanner – provides us with 3-D medical imaging of inner organs .

The CT scanner can be used to detect:

Broken bones

Blood clots


Trace of heart disease

Internal problems.

X Ray –  a test to show bones and tissues.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) - Nihom Kohden RCG-9050 with a mullti lead to monitor  that measures and records of the electrical activity of the heart. Ambulatory Electrocardiogram Monitor – 24 hours of monitoring the heart in regular activities which help detect abnormal heart rhythms related disorder.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor -allows for 24 hours of  heart monitoring during regular activities to detect any abnormal activities.

Ultrasound – looks at the organs by the use of high frequency sound waves.

Laboratory service – we offer state-of-the-art blood, urine, and other lab tests. We will make sure your test is ready on time and the results are delivered to you with full confidentiality.

Renai Pharmacy service

It is important to us to work closely with every patient, with unsurpassed convenience:

Appointments with our doctors can be quickly and efficiently scheduled whenever needed.

Translation assistance in the international clinic is available for multiple languages including English, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew.

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