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Dog Paste? Dod-Days Paste?

Jul 7, 2017

Sanfu Paste

Items: Du-Moxibustion+Sanfu Paste

Price: 300CNY/Session(3 sessions altogether)

How: Reply "Sanfu" to our wechat to apply.

When: Offer valid from July 7th, 2017 to August 31st, 2017

The Sanfu Paste, also known as dog-days paste, is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment. During the treatment, patients will be stuck with the Chinese medicine contained in the paste on acupoints during the dog days, the hottest and most sultry days of summer. This treatment is regarded to be able to cure chronic diseases like asthma.

Sanfu Days are calculated by Heavenly Stems and Earthy Branches which are supposed to be the three hottest days in a year. In these days, body’s Yang-qi (positive energy) has an exuberant trend with the aid of Yang-qi developed by nature, and the Cold-qi in the body also in the condition of easily dissolve.

Sanfu Pastes are made of Chinese herbs on special acupoints. These herbs are pungent in flavor, warm in property, and have the function of dredging the channel. As a result, acupoints herbal patching combined with Sanfu Days get a purpose of adjusting Yin and Yang, preventing and curing diseases, and enhancing body resistance through acupoints stimulation and drug infiltration absorption.

Sanfu Paste's Target Diseases

1. Upper respiratory disease


Chronic bronchitis

Upper respiratory infection

Chronic Coughing

Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis

2. Chronic pain

Back problems, neck pain



Fibromyalgia(acondition in which people feel muscle pain throughout their bodies)

3. Internal diseases/discomfort

Chronic gastritis

Chronic enteritis

Abdominal pain and diarrhea

Menstrual pain

4. Sub-health status

Chronic body fatigue

Sleepy during daytime

Lack of energy and spirit

Constant chilly feeling

During the Sanfu paste treatment period, one should regulate his/her life style in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

To be away from the air conditioner, in the air conditioning room, the skin pores tend to shrink which will affect the infiltration of drugs; cold drinks or food should be restrained which  also can cause body cold stagnation therefore affect the therapy effect.

Please note:

1. For patient with serious cardiovascular disease, drug allergies, skin blisters, furuncle and skin damage, Sanfu paste is not recommended.

2. For patient with severe coughing or fever, Sanfu paste is not recommended

3. Sanfu paste is not suitable for Children under the age of 2.