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Happy Thanksgiving Day! Renai Special Offer

Sep 29, 2016

{65EEE56A-408C-43B6-9965-CF56E8C32B6A}.jpg1. General Medical Check-Up, 50%OFF

Eco Package: F: 869CNY   M:814CNY 

(Original Price, F: 1738 M: 1628)

Gold Package: F:1639CNY M:1474CNY 

(Original Price, F: 3278 M: 2948)

Platinum Package: F:2684CNY  M:2574CNY

(Original Price, F: 5368 M: 5148)

Diamond Package: F:3234CNY  M:3124CNY

(Original Price, F:6468 M:6248)

(F=Female, M=Male)

Please click "Read more" for details about the package.

2. Gynecological Medical Check-up, 75%OFF

Basic Package: 325CNY(Original 1300CNY, 75%OFF)

Cervical & Breast Cancer Package: 865CNY (Original 3460CNY, 75%OFF)

3. Free E.N.T. Checkup

E.N.T.Endoscope + E.N.T. Specialist Consultation (Valued 950CNY)

4. Dental, 70%OFF

Teeth Cleaning:300CNY (Original 1000CNY, 70%OFF)

Teeth Whitening: 960CNY (Original 3200CNY, 70%OFF)

Please Note:

1. Send us your Name+ Check Up Package to our wechat to apply.

2. Offer valid from November 1, 2016 to December 1, 2016

3. Due to large number of clients visits, your test reports will be available in 10~15 days after you complete the tests.

4.Appointment:(021)5489 3781