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Enjoy free teeth cleaning in Renai, a fresh new year start with your confident smile!

Feb 7, 2017

Remember when was the last time you had teeth cleaning? Get a free chance for teeth cleaning in Renai! Free ultrasonic teeth cleaning,for the first 5 applicants only.

Original price:1050CNY.

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Make appointment at least 3 days beforehand.

Enjoy free teeth cleaning in Renai, a fresh new year start with your confident smile!

Professional teeth cleaning is done with the help of manual or ultrasonic instruments.

The cleaning process clears the plaque and tartar accumulated on the tooth surfaces. Removing these types of buildups will improve the esthetics of your smile, help to eliminate bad breath, and also help to parevent tooth decay.

The cleaning process is almost always accompanied with hand instruments and an Ultrasonic Cleaner (also known as acavitron). The cavitron is almost always used by the hygienist or dentist to remove debris from your teeth and gums.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaners:

1.The procedure does not use chemicals that may harm the teeth or the gum line. It only requires water.

2.It is more effective than manual scraping.It can remove tartar buildup in hard-to-reach areas, while minimizing damage to the tooth enamel. On the other hand, manual scraping requires dexterity. Even a slight slip may result to serious oral problems in the future. With ultrasound teeth cleaning, the hygienist can avoid such risk.

3.Manual scraping often uses pressure for cleaning, while the vibration produced by the scaling tip of an ultrasound cleaner is barely perceptible. This makes ultrasound dental cleanings suitable to those with sensitive teeth.

You might be interested in an ultrasonic cleaning if:

You have a large buildup of dental tartar.

Over time, the bacteria and dental plaque in your mouth form hard deposits of calculus, leading to tooth decay if left untreated.

You have periodontal disease.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is used to remove dental calculus from under the gum line as well.

Notes:Because of the use of sound waves, ultrasonic cleaning may not be an option for patients with pacemakers.

Be sure to inform the dentist of any medical conditions or prescriptions you're taking before undergoing any dental procedure.