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Welcome to the Department of Anesthesiology at Renai Hospital. Our mission is to provide an excellent patient-centered care by reducing any painful feeling related to the medical procedures you undergo and make your hospital stay as safe as possible.

Our Team of Anesthesiologists 

Prior to therapeutic, diagnostic or surgical procedures, one of our highly experienced anesthesiologists interviews the patient to determine the best combination of drugs and dosages and the degree to which monitoring is required to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

There are four main types of anesthesia.

Local: numbs one small area of the body. You stay awake and alert.

Conscious or intravenous (IV) sedation: uses a mild sedative to relax you and pain medicine to relieve pain. You stay awake but may not remember the procedure afterwards.

Regional anesthesia: blocks pain in an area of the body, such an arm or leg.

General anesthesia: affects your whole body. You go to sleep and feel nothing. You have no memory of the procedure afterwards.

The type of anesthesia a doctor chooses depends on many factors. These include the procedure you are having and your current health status.

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