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About Biomet 3i Implants

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

There are a huge variety of dental implant systems produced across the globe. We believe it is important, especially with new dental implant systems constantly coming to market, to be sure that your dental implants are made by a well-respected manufacturer with a wealth of experience, research and success.

At Renai Dental Practice the Biomet 3i system is used. Biomet 3i is one of the largest companies in dental implant manufacture and remains at the forefront of implant technology. They are one of the most popular dental implant systems in the USA and their use is currently growing across the world. Their implant system has been thoroughly researched and provides consistent and trustworthy results.

Why does Renai use Biomet 3i?

Over 25 years of clinical experience

Over 15 years of documented research

Recognised as a contributor to new dental technologies

Worldwide acclaim

Designed for tissue preservation

Increased osseointegration properties

Aesthetic design

Comparison with Alternative Implant Systems

Many studies have been completed to compare the most popular implant systems and most find that there is no statistically relevant difference in implant survival rates. That being said, some of the lesser known or newer systems have very little clinical experience and few studies and so adequate comparisons cannot be made.

At Renai Dental Practice, we feel most comfortable using a well-respected system that has given us over a decade of fantastic results.