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In most cases people have orthodontic treatment without problems. Prior to commencing orthodontic treatment each patient will receive information that has been prepared by the Australian Society o

You may need to check out your orthodontic needs early! Your dentist may suggest an early orthodontic appointment to determine if early treatment is necessary or appropriate for your child. Someti

Yes, you do need to clean your teeth even better when you have braces! We may provide your orthodontic toothbrushes (included in the treatment fee). Make sure you: Take out any elastics or plates fi

Braces aren't just for awkward teens with brightly colored spacers anymore. One in five patients at the orthodontist's office is over the age of 18, according to Harvard Health Publications.

Seeing a general dentist a couple of times a year is fine for many people, but sometimes you may need the services of orthodontic care specialists. They are in demand when someone in your family has