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Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless


Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that results from a variety of different causes and can appear in various patterns.

Eczema - General name for dermatitis


Rash              Red skin

Itchy              Distinct margins (optional)

can appear in various patterns, please try to remember the amount of time it has been present.

Allergic Dermatitis

Allergic Dermatitis is an inflammatory, reposing, non contagious and itchy skin disorder.

Causes - Allergic reactions to specific irritant

Symptoms of Allergic Dermatitis:

Extreme itchiness

The itch increases with scratching


Itchy skin that itches more after scratching. The scratching is generally dose not suppress the itch and leads to increased inflammation and more intense itching. The itching cycle can be very difficult to break.


Itchy areas of skin

Raised rash or other noticeable skin change

Skin inflammation


Allergies               Skin disorders

Tight clothing           Insect bite

Dry skin

Seborrhea Dermatitis


Itchy areas of skin on the face/scalp/upper chest, back and other body parts .

Flaky skin and scalp

Redness and flaking skin

Oily, waxy appearance to the skin

Skin may itch constantly


Seborrhea                Over production of sebum

Fungal                   Other causes which are still not known

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