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Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless


enai dermatology department’s acne treatments combine Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in order to get the best results.

Fungal, Viral, or Bacterial Skin Infections

Fugal – a skin infection which causes peeling, itching, red skin, and burning feeling. It usually appears in warm and moist areas such as legs and armpits. Fungal infections spread and grow quickly, so if you suspect you have a fungal infection, you should visit a doctor.


Microscopic fungus


Wart- a skin growth, usually on the hands or feet, caused by a type of the HPV virus, which causes the top layer of the skin to grow rapidly, forming a wart.

Warts are contagious and enter the skin through open or broken areas. They usually disappear after a few months but also can last for years.

Plane/flat wart – grow on the soles of the feet, generally small and smooth but may cause pain when you walk and you may feel discomfort.

Verruca filiformis-this type is most likely to appear on the face (especially near the eyes and lips), Neck.

Periungual wart- usually forms around the fingernails and causes damage to the nails.


Remove one of the two “medication”s


Leukoderma - white spots on the skin caused by lack of pigmentation.


Stress Gastric disorder

Jaundice Worms

Parasites Typhoid


an immune disease that affects the skin and has no known cause. Psoriasis is a lifetime disease but it can be controlled with medication.

Hair and nail disorders

There are a variety of hair and nail disorders, such as hair loss or irregular growth, Fuji bacterial infections, irregular spelling ??? and more .The sooner you treat hair and nail disorders,the better your chances of avoiding infections and more extreme problems are.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) and more

With more than 40 types, HPV causes one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. HPV can also cause skin problems such as warts and cancer. The virus can be passed on during sexual intercourse or oral sex even if the person shows no clear symptoms.

Additional special services include:

Diagnostic procedures, including skin biopsy

Dermatology’s surgical services, inducing laser treatment of and phototherapy.

Renai international medical center work closely with every patient, with a special unsurpassed convenience:

Appointments with our doctors can be quickly and efficiently scheduled whenever needed.

Translation assistance is available for multiple languages including English, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew.

Direct billing to over 30 global insurance companies.