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Skin Care In Spring

Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless

Our skin reacts differently as season changes. As Spring is coming, what should we do to help our skin adjust to the season change?

1. Change your skin products. High temperature result in oiler skin, gradually replace the cream you use in winter with emulsion which contains more hydrating ingredients and less oily ingredient.

2.As the temperature is getting higher, the skin metabolism is accelerating, sebaceous glands would produce more skin grease and bacteria in the air are more active, pores are more easily to be clogged by contaminants. Therefore, a careful face cleaning is a must.

3.Exfoliate more often. Depending on the climate and your skin type, you may need to exfoliate more often in the spring and summer.

4.Sunscreen. Sunscreen is important all year, but imperative in the spring and summer when more of your skin is exposed for longer periods of time.

5.Drink sufficient amount of water and eat more in season vegetables and fruits, and get enough sleep will also keep your skin in a better condition.

Follow the above tips and you might have spring skin that is as fresh and bright as the blooming flowers.