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Medical Services

Prevention of Hearing Loss

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

Hearing loss prevention consists of steps you can take to help you prevent noise-induced hearing loss and avoid worsening of age-related hearing loss:

Protect your ears in the workplace. Specially designed earmuffs that resemble earphones can protect your ears by bringing most loud sounds down to an acceptable level. Foam, pre-formed or custom-molded earplugs made of plastic or rubber also can help protect your ears from damaging noise.

Have your hearing tested. Consider regular hearing tests if you work in a noisy environment. Regular testing of your hearing can provide early detection of hearing loss. Knowing you've lost some hearing means you're in a position to take steps to prevent further hearing loss.

Avoid recreational risks. Some activities, such as riding a snowmobile, hunting or listening to rock concerts for long periods of time, can damage your hearing. Wearing hearing protectors or taking breaks from the noise during loud recreational activities can protect your ears. Turning down the volume when listening to music can help you avoid damage to your hearing.