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Mammary Gland Hyperplasia

Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless

Of all the breast diseases, among the most commonbreast hyperplasia, accounting for more than 90% of outpatients with breast, so to protect the health chest to prevent breast hyperplasia from the beginning.

Hyperplasia are most afraid of 7

A good mood:

Yes, breast hyperplasia fear most is you in a good mood! Because in a good mood, and normal ovulation, the ovaries will not be a bad mood the obstruction will not reduce the secretion of progesterone, breast would not be under the unilateral stimulation of estrogen arising from hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the breast will also have progesterone, under the care of a gradual recovery.

Sleep rule law:

Sleep is not only beneficial to balance the endocrine, but also to provide a balance of body hormones play a variety of health effects of the environment as well. Spirit of solidarity and large, collaborative nature of various hormones can beat breast hyperplasia.

A harmonious sexual life:

First, a harmonious sex life can regulate endocrine, stimulating progesterone secretion, to increase efforts in protecting the mammary gland and restoration efforts. Of course, the sex hormone estrogen may stimulate the secretion, but under the supervision of the progesterone, estrogen can only obediently breast, there is no opportunity to breast hyperplasia. In addition, orgasm stimulation can accelerate the blood circulation, to avoid the breast arise due to poor blood running hyperplasia.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding:

Pregnancy, breast-feeding is a good way to fight against breast hyperplasia, progesterone secretion adequate to effectively protect, repair, breast; while breast feeding can fully developed and well after weaning degradation, proliferation of easy to occur.

Conditioning periods:

Clinical findings of women menstrual cycle disorder were more likely than other breast hyperplasia, through the conditioning endocrine conditioning menstruation, but also can prevent and treat breast hyperplasia.

Low-fat high-fiber diet:

Follow the "low-fat high-fiber" diet principles, eat whole grains, beans andvegetables, increase the body metabolic pathways to reduce the adverse breast stimulation. Also, control of animal protein intake in order to avoid too much estrogen, causing breast hyperplasia.

Added vitamins, minerals:

The absence of human B vitamins, vitamin C or calcium, magnesium and other minerals, synthesis of prostaglandin E, will be affected, breast, other hormones will be stimulated by the emergence or increase the over-proliferation.