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Gynaecological check-up

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

Staying gynecologically healthy is essential to maintaining fertility: avoiding sexually transmitted diseases as well as preventing the risks of suffering gynecological cancer. Yearly gynecological check-ups are the best guarantee.

A gynaecological check-up must include:

Cervico-vaginal Cytology

This entails a microscopic test of the neck of the uterus using the George Papanicolaou method, or as it is more commonly known, the “Pap” test.

Cervico-vaginal Cytology is still the only method today that has achieved a reduction in the number of deaths due to cervical cancer. This test should be taken when a woman’s sex life begins and then repeated regularly according to her age and personal medical situation.

Gynaecological check-up

Cervico-vaginal Cytology detects premalignant or incipient malignant lesions produced by the Human Papiloma Virus. Along with this cytology, there are other cellular biological tests used to check for the presence of the virus. Again, these further tests are advised depending on the patient’s age and/or the results of the cytology.

Clinical Examination

This test attempts to detect alterations in the female genitalia combining vaginal tactus while the doctor palpates the abdomen. It is also known as bimanual examination.

Ultrasound scanning

Ultrasound scanning today is very technologically advanced so much so that we can now obtain images of the female inner genital apparatus which offer more discriminatory data than clinical examination. There is no radiation involved and there are no adverse side effects.