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Is Infertility Just a Woman’s Problem?

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

Infertility is often seen as a woman's problem. The woman is the one who gets pregnant and carries the baby to term, so if she can't get pregnant, there must be something going on within her body. However, infertility is not always a woman's problem. Both women and men can have problems that cause infertility. About one-third of infertility cases are caused by women's problems. Another one third of fertility problems are due to the man. The other cases are caused by a mixture of male and female problems or by unknown problems.

Don’t forget the sperm

Many couples try and try to conceive, and when they don’t, they automatically assume that there is a problem with the female. However, male fertility problems account for about 30 percent of all infertility cases, and another 30 percent of infertility cases are a combination of male and female issues. If you have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and you are under 35, or six months if you are over 35, you should visit a fertility doctor and don’t forget to get a complete semen analysis, including sperm count, for your guy.

It’s not always that bad

Many men are afraid to seek fertility help for potential male fertility issues. There is a definite stigma attached, and men usually don’t enjoy going to the doctor anyway. However, male fertility issues are not always a huge deal. Sometimes, doctors can recommend a simple lifestyle change that can help your man to boost his sperm counts back to where they need to be. Sometimes your doctor can do a simple surgical procedure to help fix your sperm problems. Other times, doctors might suggest that you undergo assisted reproductive technology therapies to help get pregnant. Using ARTs is a great way to help get pregnant when you have male fertility issues.

What to do

If your guy has fertility issues, there are a few things that you can do to help improve your chances of conceiving. The first and most important thing is to see a doctor and get a complete semen analysis done, so at least you know what you are working with and what you can improve on. The next thing is to try to get as healthy as possible. If your guy is a couch potato, make sure he gets some exercise. If your guy eats an unhealthy diet of junk food, help him ease into a healthier way of living. If he smokes or drinks, help him to stop. Guys should also avoid any activities that could cause “overheating” of the sperm, like hot tubs or saunas, and should also avoid wearing tight clothing. All of these things can help to ensure that sperm counts do not get any lower, and will also improve your chances of getting pregnant, even if your guy has a male fertility problem.