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Eating More Black Beans Can Help Regulate Irregular Periods

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

Irregular menstruation affects many women, and many choose to alter their diet to help regulate it. Shanghai Ren'ai hospital gynecologist, Fang Yang, suggests women with irregular periods should introduce more black beans into their diets.

Eating more black beans in the winter can enrich and protect blood from the cold

Many women who suffer from anemia also have light or irregular menstruation. Blood enriching foods are generally considered "hot foods", so people try to avoid them. Black beans are high in minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, fluoride, etc. that have numerous health benefits including delaying the aging process and thinning the blood. According to Chinese medicine, sweet, flat black beans are harmless; in fact, they have many health benefits such as helping to clear internal heat, nourishing the liver, strengthening the kidneys, even making the hair blacker. Eating black beans during the winter can be especially beneficial because it can enrich the blood in the intestines and strengthen the kidneys to better protect the body from cold.

Black beans improve ovarian health and relieve constipation

Black beans contain less glycoside and flavone dye than soybeans. Both contain estrogen and produce effects, but black beans undoubtedly have a higher content than any other phytoestrogen-containing legume. Eating black beans on a regular basis can serve as a safe and effective phytoestrogen supplement and has been shown to benefit ovarian and uterine health. Black beans are also high in fiber (4%), so they promote digestion and can relieve menstrual constipation.

Experts suggest black bean soymilk

Ren'ai hospital gynecologist, Fang Yang, reminds us that although eating black beans has many health benefits, they are not suitable for raw consumption and can causing bloating and upset stomach; heating black beans will break down some of these hard-to-digest materials, but can also break down some of the nutrients. Therefore, she recommends drinking black bean soy milk, which not only tastes good, but also has none of the side effects. To top it all off, black bean soymilk can also have a beautifying effect for women.

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