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Laparoscopy Preparation

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

As with any surgery, food and drink are restricted for eight hours before the procedure, unless the surgery is done as an emergency. The patient is asked to sign a consent form that tells about the procedure and about its risks. Patients need to understand what the surgeon will do during the procedure and understand the answers to their questions.

General anesthesia is provided, which means the patient is asleep during the procedure. The anesthesiologist speaks with each patient about any drugallergies beforehand.

Recovery time is much shorter with laparoscopy than with regular (open) surgery. The procedure may even be performed on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient can return home the same day of the procedure. For outpatient surgeries, someone else should come along to drive the person who has just had surgery home. Patients are instructed not to wear jewelry or bring any expensive items.

Patients planning to undergo laparoscopy should speak with their doctor a few days before the procedure to ask whether they should take their current medications. This is particularly important for people who take aspirin, blood thinners, or certain herbal supplements that can make it harder for the blood to clot.