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Laparoscopy Risks

Nov 30, 2016Posted by nameless

Complications are rare, but as with any surgery, infection is a risk. Bleeding in the abdomen is also possible. Scars may develop. Anesthesia during surgery can cause heart attack, stroke, and pneumonia, but these consequences are rare.

During laparoscopy, the following risks exist:

The surgeon may puncture an blood vessel or organ. This could cause bleeding or injury to the organ. If the colon is ruptured, its contents may spill into the abdomen.

Scar tissue from previous operations could present a problem for the trocars to be inserted properly into the abdomen. Scar tissue could prevent the gas from expanding the abdomen.

If complications develop or are found, the surgeon may decide to proceed with a larger incision and a standard surgery rather than laparoscopy. This is a decision made with a patient's safety in mind.

If complications develop, the surgeon may follow up by prescribing:

Antibiotics for infection control

Blood transfusion to replace lost blood

Laparoscopic surgery on people who are obese can be complicated. Many doctors advise people to?lose weight before surgery, if possible. Certain weight-loss surgeries are, however, now being performed laparoscopically.