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Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless

Gastritis ulcer – also known as a peptic ulcer, is caused by a bacteria called H pylon. This bacteria causes an infection in the inner lining of the stomach that may lead to damage and clinical symptoms. The most common symptom of a gastritis ulcer is burning stomach pain that starts between meals or during the night and lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This pain can easily relieve by eating or taking anti acid.

Cirrhosis – a severe disease that results from the death of liver cells due to another disease or alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis occurs when nodules in the scar tissue, which then lead to abnormal liver function, replace the dead liver tissue. Some common symptoms include abnormal swelling of the legs, yellowish skin, itchy skin, red spots on the skin, weight loss, and stomach pain.

An early diagnosis can revel the patient's symptoms, if you suspect of having a Cirrhosis please contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Fatty liver -Caused by abnormal fat in the liver cells as a result of, alcohol drinking, obesity and diabetes, that can be lead to serious complications such as scarring, liver cancer and cirrhosis.