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Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless


Women who fall under these categories should do an infertility check up.


  More than 30 years old   (A woman's chances of having a baby decrease rapidly every year   after the age of 30


  Excess alcohol use

  Poor diet

  Athletic training

  Being overweight or underweight

  Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

  Health problems that cause hormonal changes, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and primary ovarian insufficiency

Or if you have certain health complications such as:

  Irregular periods or no menstrual periods

  Very painful periods


  Pelvic inflammatory disease

  More than one miscarriage

  Had ectopic pregnancy in the past

Which infertility treatments does Renai offer?

1. Our doctors believe that before a couple starts conventional infertility treatment, it is important to start with basic general treatment, which includes diet and physiological therapy.  The aim of this treatment is to help the patient change any bad habits that may harm the odds of getting pregnant.

2. Chinese herbal medicine treatment: Chinese herbal medicine treatments can be as effective as conventional Western drugs. …treatments have proven that balancing the body as a whole is important to increasing the chances of pregnancy.   Our TMC doctors treat infertility by healing a broad range of disorders, such as: Menstrual disorders , Endocrine disorders, Ovulation disorders, Immunization factors,  insufficient sperm motility.

Additionally, they are take into consideration the modern unhealthy life style and bad habits that could also affect the patient’s reproduction organs.

Renai Hospital has a special TCM pharmacy which contains hundreds of different types of herbs. After a consultation with one of our TMC doctors, the pharmacy will compound a special herbal drug according to the patient’s  clinical diagnosis. The herbal medicine is often used in combination with acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modifications for treating infertility. Most of the TCM infertility techniques are relatively non- invasive and can often offer better success rate for significantly less cost.

3. Integrative Medicine: combination of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, used as a treatment method for Infertility.

4. The surgery:If there are physical complications causing infertility, surgery should be considered. Physical complications can often be successfully addressed by surgical procedures.

Different patients have different symptoms, if you think you have a fertility problem, you must ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment. Please do not hesitant to contact us to get more information on infertility treatment and examination at Renai Hospital.