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HCG Blood Test

Jul 8, 2019Posted by nameless

What is blood hCG (human choionic gonadotophin) blood test?

hCG refers to human chorionic gonadotropin, which is composed by glycoproteins of alpha and beta dimers. It can diagnose pregnancy in early stage, observe the embryonic development, and assist the diagnosis of some diseases such as ovarian cysts. hCG can be detected both in women blood and urine after their pregnancy. Therefore, hCG blood test can be used to determine whether a woman is pregnant by measuring the hCG level in her blood.

Blood hCG check can confirm pregnancy in an earlier time and is more accurate compared to traditional hCG urine test. In order to improve the accuracy of pregnancy status, it is recommended to do blood hCG test. A quantitative hCG test measuring the specific level of hCG in the blood is more sensitive and accurate, with an accuracy rate of above 99%, than commonly used qualitative pregnancy test strip.

In addition, combined with clinical conditions and other examination results, the dynamic observation of hCG levels in the blood can help doctors detect many abnormal pregnancy and diseases, such as multiple gestation, ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine growth retardation, hydatidiform mole, as well as some certain endocrine diseases or tumors etc. 

Reference range of hCG levels

The increase of β-hCG level in the blood could be detected as early as the 9-11 days after conception. 

β-hCG changes during pregnancy: on the 6th day after conception, trophoblasts begin to secrete trace amounts of hCG; on the 10th day, it can be measured from maternal serum, which is the most sensitive method to diagnose early pregnancy. Ten weeks after conception, serum level reaches it peak and then decline rapidly about 10 days later. The serum level in second trimester and late pregnancy is only 10% of the peak value and will disappear within 2 weeks after delivery.

The following blood hCG levels are for reference:

0.2-1week: 5-50

1-2 weeks :50-500

2-3 weeks :100-5000

3-4 weeks :500-10000

4-5 weeks :1000-50000

5-6 weeks:10000-100000

6-8 weeks :15000-200000

The optimal time for hCG blood test

hCG blood test can confirm pregnancy earlier compared with the pregnancy test strip.

The early pregnancy test strip mainly detects the hCG hormone in urine. 

If women with regular period want to confirm whether pregnant or not, it is recommended to do this test about 7 days after the first missed period.

hCG blood test early pregnancy check can be detected 9 days to 11 days after intercourse. It shares the same principle with pregnancy test strip. Only that the hCG blood test is more accurate, since the hCG level is higher in human blood.

How much is hCG blood test?

The specific price of hCG blood test is determined by the rating and geography of each hospital. This blood test fee at Renai Hospital is 120CNY+100CNY prescription fee.