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When To Call a Doctor

Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless

Call your doctor now if:

You have a new loss of bowel orbladder control.

Leg pain is accompanied by persistent weakness, tingling, or numbness in any part of the leg from the buttock to the?ankle?or foot.

New low back pain is accompanied by vomiting and/or fever [101°F (38.5 C) or higher] that lasts longer than 48 hours.

Leg pain or intermittent weakness, tingling, or numbness lasts longer than 1 week despite home treatment.

You have back pain that either won't go away or builds in intensity over a few weeks.

A back injury is work-related, and symptoms don't improve in 2 to 3 days.

Back pain is accompanied by pain during urination or blood in the urine.

You have back pain that is worse when you are resting than when you are active.

You notice a gradual increase in problems with bowel or bladdercontrol.

Watchful waiting

Watchful waiting is a wait-and-see approach. If you get better on your own, you won't need treatment. If you get worse, you and your doctor will decide what to do next.