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Wing Chun-Kongfu Class in Renai

Mar 20, 2017

Shanghai Renai Hospital and SHCW(Shanghai Combat Workshop) will work together to hold a Wing Chun class in Renai, the council and coach of SHPD Combat Wing Chun Training Institute will be invited to teach the basic skills of Wing Chun, if you are interested in Chinese Martial Arts and Wing Chun, please come with your friends and apply right now!

When: 2:00-4:00pm, March 25, 2017

Where: Shanghai Renai Hospital

What: Learn about basic knowledge of Wing Chun and basic skills of Wing Chun

Price: Free

How to apply: Send your name + phone number+Wingchun class to our wechat to apply or call us, send us email to apply.

Tel: (8621)54893781 

Email: info@renai.cn

Wing Chun Coach Marco Introduction



Marco has win the title: Modern Chinese Martial Arts Wing Chun Outstanding Inheritor

Marco started to practice martial arts at the age of ten and has been practicing varies types of martial arts including Nanquan, Changquan,Tai chi, Wing Chun and taekwondo, etc. 

He has been instructed by a number of martial arts masters including Wing Chun master WEN Jianliang and XU Peide.

He has been participated in the filming of the Hong Kong action movie The Legend Of Chen Zhen and Hollywood Kungfu movie Lionheart.

His achievements and titles including:

World Taekwondo Federation black belt 5th Dan

Chinese Wushu Association 5th Dan

Protect Kravmaga Full Instructor (G5)

National First Grade Taekwondo Referee

Council and coach of Combat Wing Chun Training Institute

Champion of International Traditional Wushu Competition 

(in Xingyiquan, Tanglangquan and mantis boxing)

" Do not fight with the strength, aborb it, and it flows, use it "—— Ip Man, the master of Wing Chun

" Why is Wing Chun so effective? One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease, the height of cultivation always runs to simplicity "——Bruce Lee

Wing Chun (simplified Chinese: 咏春) is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilising both striking and grappling while specializing in close range combat.

Southern martial arts

Wing Chun, together with Hung Gar and Choi Lei Fut, is named as one of "The Three Great Martial Art Schools of the South", which originated and became popular in Southern China.

Global spread

Wing Chun is practiced globally in over 64 countries. It is the world's most popular form of Southern Kung Fu.

Notable practitioners 

Notable practitioners of Wing Chun including the Kongfu master Ip Man( the master of Bruce Lee), Anderson Silva, Bruce Lee, Robert Downey Jr., Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan, etc.