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Recruit: English Editor of Renai Network Company

Apr 1, 2017

It’s already April, haven’t you find a satisfying job? Here is an opportunity, don’t you want a try?

If you are an English lover, a literature lover, and a social intercourse lover, then come and join us!

We need you to help us:

1.    Translate texts into English or Chinese, and the translation should be close to texts.

2.    Complete the writing and auditing according to department requirements.;

3.    Fulfill the editing, organizing, gathering and writing of products information;

4.    Manage Facebook, Twitter and other social medias.

We hope you:

1.    Major in English or Chinese Language, and have got the CET-6;

2.    Have a good command of both Chinese and English, and can finish translation and proof-reading independently;

3.    Have strong responsibility and team spirit;

4.    Work hard and enjoy communicating.

(It will be much better if you used to work for medicine translation. Foreigners who are excellent in English will be welcomed too.)

Working place: Yuan Da  Jian Kang Cheng(we provide free regular bus and accommodation for every staff)

Please send your resume to zhuhongjian@ziko.cc