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Doctors' Working Schedule from September 16 to September 30

Sep 15, 2022

Please contact us to make an appointment ahead. 

Tel: (8621) 5489 3781   Email: info@renai.cn


Under the guidance of further promoting the resumption of production and work orderly in Shanghai, and in order to meet the medical needs of citizens, Shanghai Renai Hospital resumed work!

The outpatient service hours are 9:00 to 17:00. We will continue to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures. 

The arrangements and precautions for the resumption of outpatient and inpatient service in our hospital are as follows:


◎ Hospital staff take nucleic acid testing everyday.

◎ The Digital Sentinel is enabled.

◎ The new Venue Code is enabled.

◎ We disinfect the hospital every day and strictly implement anti-epidemic measures for your health!

Precautions of Inpatient Service

◎ The inpatient service resumed fully.

◎ Patients who need to be hospitalized (including accompanying persons) must provide the negative nucleic acid test report of which the sample time must be within 24 hours + negative antigen self-test result on site before hospitalization procedure.

◎ During hospitalization, generally no accompanying person is allowed unless necessary. But if you really need, only one accompanying person is allowed.

◎ Unauthorized access or leaving is not allowed during hospitalization. Take-away food is not recommended, as hospital canteen can provide daily meals.

◎ Inpatients and accompanying persons should take nucleic acid testing every 2 days.

Precautions of Outpatient Service

◎ Please make an appointment ahead before you come. 

Tel: 021- 5489 3781   

Email: info@renai.cn

◎ The negative nucleic acid test report of which the sample time must be within 48 hours must be provided.

◎ Before entering the hospital, please show your ID card/passport/ medicare card and appointment information, scan the venue code, take antigen self-test on site, and complete the epidemiological investigation.

◎ Please come alone if possible. But if you have difficulty in moving, you are allowed to have one accompany who should obey the epidemic prevention requirements too.

◎ Please cooperate with us on epidemic prevention and control measures, including wearing a mask, washing your hands, and keeping at least one-meter distance when waiting in line, etc..