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The Reasons Behind Sudden Death

Jan 3, 2018

On the 29th December, the year 2017 was coming to an end, and so was the life of an unfortunate taxi driver. Things happened at a parking area of Pudong Airport.Paramedics tried to save him upon arrival. But this man, in his 40s, had already passed away in spite of any emergency treatment..

This is not the first time that a taxi driver dies on duty, and it wouldn’t be the last time. In cold winter, people with cardiovascular diseases face challenges. Sudden death is a recurrent plague especially to those with heart disease, diabetes or hypertension. IT, media workers and those who sit for a long time are all potential victims of sudden death.

Top 8 bad habits that cause sudden death. No matter which one hits you, please be sure to make a change!

1. High work stress

Mental stress is something invisible and can hardly be relieved by taking medications. Most of the patients with myocardial infarction usually engage in work with high-tensity, which gives rise to the increasing catecholamin release; and local blood vessel will go ruptures, therefore ends up with thrombus. If a bow-string is too taut, it will snap. The relation between mental stress and sudden death just work the same way.

2. Lead a sedentary life

Sitting still for a long time will slow down metabolism. As a result, blood viscosity level rises, blood circulation slows down, which makes blood reflux harder. All these will induce thrombus, and increased risks of myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism along with other cardiovascular diseases.

3. Strenuous exercise on hazy days

When doing sports like jogging or cycling on haze days or on congested roads, our body will take in lots of PM2.5 and exhaust gas; while strenuous exercise is the trigger of cardiac blood supply insufficiency which normally ends up with heart attack. For people who falls into the category of high-risk group, especially those with cardiovascular diseases, doctor suggests working out under environment with fresh air.

4. Over-eating and less exercise

After satiating ourselves, gastrointestinal tract needs a lot of blood to digest food, so blood flowing to brain and heart will decrease significantly. That’s why myocardial infarction tends to happen after a substantial meal. Besides, fat will build up if we engorge ourselves or do but little amount of exercise over a long period; and lipid plague starts to form in blood vessel, which would be very dangerous if it is formed in cardio-cerebral blood vessel.

5. Depression or insufficient sleep for a long period

A bad mood and insomnia often co-exist. Bad mood is an arch-enemy of a healthy heart. Depressed or anxious persons usually suffer from poor sleep, which results in hypertension and increased heart rate. Meanwhile staying up (namely long-time insufficient sleep)is prone to cause myocardial infarction.

6. Extreme salty or sugary food

Extreme tastes will cause hypertension and increased plasma cholesterol level, which results in atherosclerosis. 

7. Smoking and alcohol abuse

Tar and other harmful ingredients in cigarettes can cause blood vessel convulsion; while carbon monoxide will limit oxygen carrying capacity, leading to myocardial anoxia. So long-term smokers face higher risks of myocardial infarction. Besides, excessive drinking may lead to increased heart rate and hypertension; For long-term alcoholic, alcohol will damage cardiac muscle and cause heart failure ultimately.

8. Use too much strength when pooping

If we use strength suddenly while pooping, blood pressure will rise immediately; and our heart will be under enormous pressure. So please avoid over-exertion especially when you have diabetes, hypertension or heart diseases.

If you have any of those above habits, please drop it; if you are worried about your health condition, an annual medical check-up is very necessary.