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The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Shanghai Root&Shoots and Shanghai Renai Hospital

Jun 11, 2018

Shanghai is an international metropolis that appeals to abundant migrant workers. These migrant workers contribute a lot for the city's development, but the insufficient resource of health care and education for their kids who also come to Shanghai with them is a problem that they have to face. 

To make up for it, Shanghai Root&Shoots initiated a project called "Kid Strong" in 2006, aiming to build a brighter future for migrant children. Shanghai Renai Hospital joined it in 2009. 

The items we take part in include eyes and teeth examination, nutritional knowledge, physical activities, summer camps, and student subsidies. 

It's been ten years since Shanghai Renai Hospital joined the project in 2009. We hope we can do more for more migrant children in the future.