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How Can T.C.M. Help With My Mypia?

Jun 6, 2018Posted by nameless

Nowadays, with the rapid development of excimer laser technology, especially with the application of wavefront aberrations, myopia treatment cannot be safer than before. However, laser eye surgery is more suitable for adults. And for youngsters, TCM steaming therapy could be the best choice.

TCM steaming therapy - treating diseases with steam generated by boiling medicinal herbs, is proved to be one of the most effective methods in treating myopia.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, myopia is related with congenital deficiency and genetic factors. But in most cases, myopia is an acquired disease. Reading or whatching TV for a long time will do harm to the liver and eyes.

TCM steaming can invigorate blood circulation, improve eyesight, detoxify the livers and tonify the kidneys. Combined with acupoint pressure therapy, it helps dredging the channel as well as improving qi(breath) and blood circulation, thereby enhancing the vision.

Such kind of treatment takes effect shortly and is found effective in treating pseudomyopia as well as true myopia. Besides, it can also stablize high myopia situation and relieve eye strain.

Moreover, this therapy is also suitable for office workers who often suffer from eye fatigue and dim-sightedness.


Patients need to lie flat on the treatment bed, with eyes closed. Then place a gauze soaked in herbal liquid on eyes. About 20 minutes later, wipe up the liquid. TCM steaming, along with acupoint massage and Tui Na can invigorate kidneys and liver, adjust qi and blood inside the body, and hence reduce eye fatigue.