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Special Offer
Nov 7, 2017Posted by:nameless

General- Medical Checkup 50%OFF; Gynecology- Checkup 75%OFF; T.C.M. Therapy- 90%OFF; E.N.T.- Sleep Apnea Syndrome Checkup 75%OFF; Dental- Checkup and Cleaning 50%OFF

Nov 1, 2017Posted by:nameless

According to traditional Chinese medicine theories, it is best for a person to take tonics in winter. And among different tonics, Gaofang is always the best option for us.

Jul 14, 2017Posted by:nameless

Helicobacter pylori infection could cause gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric lymphoma, etc. 67%-80% gastric ulcer cases and 95% duodenal ulcer cases are caused by H. pylori.

Jul 4, 2017Posted by:nameless

cupping therapy is considered a special healing skill.