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Special Offer

Renai Double 11 Shopping Carnival

Oct 31, 2018Posted by nameless


General Medical Checkup - Save 3,234 CNY

Gynecology Checkup - Save 2,622 CNY

T.C.M. Therapy - Save 1,070 CNY

Sleep Apnea Syndrome Checkup - Save 1,200 CNY

Dental Checkup and Cleaning - Save 500 CNY

1.General Checkup Packages


Save 3,234 CNY at most


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2. Gynecological Checkup

A. General Gynecological Checkup


✘1,300CNY  ✔338CNY

Save 962 CNY

B. Cervical Cancer & Breast Cancer


✘3,460CNY ✔838CNY

Save 2,622 CNY

3. T.C.M. Therapy Package

Warm Acupuncture + Tui Na + Moxibustion + Consultation fee

✘1,350CNY ✔280CNY

Save 1,070 CNY

4. Apnea Syndrome Checkup

Polysomnography + Nasal Endoscopy + Pharyngoscopy + Consultation fee

✘1,600CNY ✔400CNY

Save 1,200 CNY


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5. Dental Checkup&Cleaning

Dental Checkup + Teeth Cleaning

✘1,000 CNY ✔500 CNY

Save 500 CNY

Make An Appointment:

E-mail: info@renai.cn

Phone: 021-5489 3781


Offer starts from November 1st, 2018 to January 31st, 2019 ( customers can buy each package at this low price one time only).

*Due to a large amount of appointments during special offer period, the report of general medical check-up will be ready within 4 weeks while the report of gynecological check-up may take 2 weeks.

*Appointments need be made 2 days in advance.

*All the above check-up packages payments are limited to cash, credit card, Alipay and wechat pay. (The packages may not be covered by insurance.) 

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*posture check: to find out if there's any displacement of bones; suitable for white collar workers or whoever does physical labor jobs etc.