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Man up on Your Health : It’s Time for You to Get A Checkup !

Apr 8, 2019Posted by nameless

The International Women's Day has passed, and men's health gains increasing concern from society. Due to the traditional concepts, people lack attention on men's health problems, and the psychological pressure on men and the health costs they pay are often ignored by society.

Nowadays, under the life pressure, shouldering family responsibilities, more and more men are graduately losing the wealth of health. In order to make a living, many men are forced to choose an unhealthy lifestyle like working overtime, staying up late, drinking and socializing, and so on, which would expose them under the risks of diseases. 

Shanghai Renai Hospital now launches a male routine screening package to advocate the whole society to pay attention to men's health problems and enhance the awareness for male health management.


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Please Note:

Due to a large amount of appointments during special offer period, the English report will be ready within 10 working days.

Please do fasting from 22:00 the previous night before the checkup and please come in the MORNINGs.


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The top 10 of you will get a TCM Bone Checkup Package(1 time, valued 600CNY) for free.