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God Can't Bless You Always if You Keep Sneezing. See a Doctor!

Apr 13, 2019Posted by nameless

April exhibits the beauty of the Spring. But in springtime, day-night temperature difference is large, the weather is dry and windy, plus more outdoor activities, people are more prone to get  E.N.T. related diseases.

The ear, nose and throat not only have important functions such as hearing, balancing, smelling, breathing, vocalization and swallowing, but also closely related to immune system and other body functions. Shanghai Renai Hospital now promote E.N.T. Screening Package turning treatment into prevention !


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E.N.T. Screening Package


1. Doctor Consultation 500 CNY

2. Otoscope 400 CNY

3. Nasopharyngoscope 400 CNY

4. Laryngendoscope 400 CNY

Original Price: 1,700CNY

Current Price: 488CNY(more than 70% off, save 1,212CNY)

Book An Appointment:

1. Email: info@renai.cn

2. Tel: (8621)5489 3781

Please Note:

1. Offer valid from April 12, 2019 - May 12, 2019

2. Acceptable forms of payment: cash, credit cards, wechat pay or Alipay.

3. Please avoid catching cold before check.


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The top 10 of you will get a T.C.M bone checkup package (1 time, valued 600CNY) for free. 

Dr. Guo Peng

Department: E.N.T.

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Dr. Guo specializes in endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal septum correction, fiberoptic laryngoscopy, vocal nodules, vocal cord polypectomy, plasmablade tonsillectomy, adenoid ablation, Laser ablation of inferior turbinate, anterior ethmoid neural blockade and sleep apnea syndrome treatment.


Dr. Guo has more than 20 years of E.N.T. clinical experience. He has gained rich clinical experience when he studied at The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, 301 Hospital and E.N.T. Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.