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Special Offer

The Ultimate Healthcare Packages for Women

Mar 26, 2020Posted by nameless

As a daughter 

you are bubbly and cute

As a wife 

you are strong and loving

As a mother 

you always care

As a grand mom 

you are always there

So there is just a single word for you

That you are the best in everything to salute you

Wish you happiness and health

Here is to good health 




  • Gyn. physical examination: to check abdomen, vulva,vagina, cervix, uterus.

  • Vaginal discharge + BV: to diagnose trichomoniasis, fungal vaginitis, etc.

  • Cervical TCT screening: to screen cervicitis, cervical cancer and cervical fibroids.

  • Urine analysis: to check white blood cell inflammation.

  • HPV 23 typing: to rule out cervical cancer and precancerous.

  • Breast ultrasound: to diagnose mammary gland hyperplasia and breast nodule.

  • Trans-vaginal ultrasound: to check uterus, adnexa and ovaries.

  • Colposcopy: to check cervicitis, cervical cancer and cervical fibroids.


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Except for the special offer on Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer Screening Package, you will enjoy a discount on some optional items too( as listed below).

1. Checkup Items


Discount Price: 350 CNY  Original Price: 500 CNY

Pelvic Floor Muscle Checkup

Discount Price: 150 CNY  Original Price: 300 CNY

TCM Spine Health Checkup

Discount Price: 200 CNY   Original Price: 500 CNY


Mammography: to check hyperplasia of mammary glands, mammary adenoma, breast cyst, breast cancer, etc.

Pelvic floor muscle checkup: to check pelvic floor muscles and give treatment accordingly if necessary.

TCM spine health checkup: to check if there are deformed or displaced bones, etc.


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2. Therapy Items

SkinCeuticals Facial Care

Discount Price: 380 CNY Original Price: 580 CNY

Cervarix Vaccine(HPV 16/18)

Discount Price: 2,480 CNY Original Price: 2,680 CNY


SkinCeuticals facial care: to moisturize, nurture and whiten your skin, as well as fade spots on your face.

Cervarix vaccine (HPV16/18): to reduce the risk of getting cervical cancer (it applies to women at the age of 9-45).


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  • Offer will be valid from March 3, 2020 to April 30, 2020.

  • Payments are limited to credit card, cash, WeChat pay and Alipay.

  • The reports will be ready around 10 working days after checkup because of the large amount of appointments during the special offer period.

  • Please avoid menstrual period and abstain from sex for 3 days before the checkup.