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Man Up on Your Health: It’s Time for You to Get a Checkup!

Mar 26, 2020Posted by nameless

Many men often ignore their health condition so as to avoid the doctor’s office at all costs. They are afraid that something might be wrong with them; or simply too busy; or don’t tend to be as tuned in to their bodies as women, so they don’t notice small telltale signs that things are amiss and just figure any changes can be chalked up to age.

If that sounds like you, it’s time to change your life style and habit. it is impossible for you to enjoy life pleasures without good health.


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We can get a healthy body by eating healthy, exercising regularly, maintaining our weight at a healthy level, as well as undergoing routine health checkups, which would help us find potential problems early in our life. For many medical cases, early treatment can help prevent many serious problems that may threaten your life.

Our bodies, precious but vulnerable, should be looked after carefully. Those who are undertaking high pressure from life and work should pay close attention to their health condition.

We are delight to announce that our hospital will be having a huge discount sale of 70% off on Male Routine Screening Package. Men, for your health, get it checked!


Before doing the checkup, you should know what are the examinations for.


General checkup: to diagnose high blood pressure, overweight, obesity, weight loss.

Surgical examination: to check for diseases related to skin, thyroid, breast, prostate, etc.

E.N.T. examination: to screen for ear, nose and oropharynx abnormalities.

Blood routine: to reflect body condition by detecting the count of blood cells.

Blood sedimentation: it may rise rapidly in different pathological conditions.

Urine routine: to screen for UTI, stones, diabetes, nephritis and to learn about renal function.

Blood sugar: to screen for diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Liver function(2 items): alanine aminotransferase, total bilirubin.

Hepatitis serum test: to help in diagnosis of hepatitis B, indicator of virus’s activity.

Renal function(3 items): blood urea nitrogen, blood creatinine, serum uric acid.

Lipid profile(2 items): total cholesterol, triglyceride.

Electrocardiogram: provide basis for the diagnosis of heart disease.

Liver gallbladder, pancreas, spleen ultrasound: to find out whether there are  morphological changes or lesions.

Bladder, ureter, prostate, ultrasound: to find out if there are stones or malignant lesions etc.

Here is the bonus:

You will get a free dental checkup as long as you buy the Male Routine Screening Package!


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