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 Dr. HU Wenlong
Dr. HU Wenlong

Title: Dentist

Department: Dental

Language: Chinese, English

Clinical Working Years: over 10 years

Expertise: ​Dr. Hu is skilled in aesthetic repair for front teeth and dental digital treatment. He pursues a natural ultra-thin dental veneer for mild/moderate/severe tetracycline pigmentation teeth and heavily pigmented teeth. He also experts in teeth straightening with invisible braces, teeth whitening, porcelain laminate veneer, dental crown esthetic restoration, root canal treatment and treating many other common dental diseases.


Dr. Hu Graduated from a well-know national school. He used to work in Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University and has been working for over 10 years. He is serious about work and kind to patients. He learned orthodontics from a noted orthodontics expert.