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Dr. DAI Junlai
Dr. DAI Junlai

Title: Dermatologist, Deputy Chief Physician

Department: Dermatology

Language: Chinese

Clinical Working Years: 42Years

Expertise: Dr. DAI is Skillful at cosmetic procedures. She has an advantage in treatment for facial acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis, rosacea, corticosteroid-dependent dermatitis, chloasma, vascular and pigmented nevus laser surgery and other skin related conditions.


Dr. Dai is the vice head of Cosmetic Dermatology department of our hospital. She previously worked as visiting lecturer in "Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine" and worked as dermatologist in Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital - Dermatology Department as a consultant. She has a rich dermatological clinical experience for over 30years. Dr. Dai published dozens of provincial academic papers, including "Onychmycosis new treatment", "Do not neglect slight skin lesion", "Diabetes and Superficial mycoses"at the Shanghai Evening Post and so on.