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Non-Surgical Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis

Feb 16, 2017Posted by nameless

Treatment for cervical spondylosis depends on the severity of your signs and symptoms. The goal of treatment is to relieve pain, help you maintain your usual activities as much as possible, and prevent permanent injury to the spinal cord and nerves.

Below are the most common non-surgical ways for relieving mild cervical spondylosis:

Physical Therapy

Find a good physical therapist. A good physical therapists could provide a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles in the neck and back and improve posture, all of which can take pressure off a nerve and relieve pain. They also recommend techniques designed to improve spine function and relieve symptoms while you build strength.


Your doctor might recommend trying acupuncture to reduce your pain. Acupuncture is best provided by a licensed acupuncture practitioner.

Hot Therapy

Applying hot pack onto your neck can ease sore neck muscles and relief pain around the neck.

Weight Loss

Being overweight can cause spine-related problems or worsen them. Excess weight puts additional stress on the spine and may pull the spine’s vertebrae, joints, and discs out of alignment. If you’re overweight and have a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease, you may experience more serious nerve damage and increased pain.

Regular exercise

Maintaining activity will help speed recovery, even if you have to temporarily modify some of your exercises because of neck pain. People who walk daily are less likely to experience neck and low back pain.