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How to deal with PM2.5?

Oct 10, 2016Posted by nameless

Air pollution is getting more and more severe these years in China.

Big cities, small cities, even a great part of China's country side, are all witnessing a sweep of PM2.5 since last year. More people are getting aware of the air pollution.

Since air pollution in China is not a matter to be tackled in a short peiord of time, it may takes a few generations' efforts to alleviate it, what we could do at present, is to take steps to prepare ourselves aganinst the frequent appearance of the horrible air condition.

What can I do to reduce my exposure to fine particle pollution?

Take out your smartphone and download an App which can track pollution/PM2.5 levels in your city or your destination city. Check the AQI (Air Quality Index) of yourcity every day.

Stay indoors in an area with filtered air.

Particle pollution can get indoors,so consider purchasing an air cleaner if you live in an area with high levels of particle pollution.

Keep your activity levels low.

Avoid activities that make you breathe faster or more deeply. This is a good day for indoor activities, such as reading or watching TV.

If you cannot buy filters for your entire home, create a clean room for sleeping.

A good choice is a room with as few windowsand doors as possible, such as a bedroom. If the room has windows, keep them closed. When air quality improves, open the windows.

Avoid using anything that burns.

Such as wood fireplaces, gas logs and even candles or incense.

Keep the room clean - but don't vacuum unless your vacuum has a HEPA filter.That stirs up particles already inside your home. Wet mopping can help reduce dust.

Don't smoke.

Wear PM2.5 protection mask if you have to go outside.

Disposable respirators known as N-95 or P-100 respirators will help if you have to be outdoors for a period of time. It's important that you wear the respirator correctly. Make sure that it's PM2.5 protecting certified and change it regularly.