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There are a variety of situations that require a tooth to be restored with a dental crown. The following are the most common: Large filling: When a tooth has a cavity or fracture that involves half

The crowning process usually takes two visits. It typically takes two separate appointments for a dentist to place a dental crown. A.The first appointment involves: 1) Preparing (shaping) the tooth

#1 - There is no single "best" type of crown. No one type of dental crown offers the best solution for all applications. So before you make a final decision, quiz your dentist about all

This page outlines some of the different types of problems that tend to occur with teeth that have dental crowns, either permanent or temporary. A) Common problems associated with permanent crowns:

Situations that these instructions apply to. This page provides directions for a temporary solution for uncomplicated cases where a dental crown ('cap') has come loose from its tooth and s