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Colonscopy checkup package

Feb 24, 2017Posted by nameless



1,Light & plain diet to be taken day before the test.

2,Take medicine (two bottles of Mannitol) four hours before the test (if test is to be done around 9AM then start drinking the medicine at 5AM), and then walk around for half an hour.

3, Drink 8 cups of water (about 1500ml) within 1 hour duration, after walking for half an hour. Keep on walking around, at the same time. Please do not sit or lie down.

4,Keep walking around after taking medicine and drinking water, and defecate several times till the excrement is colorless which looks like clear water.

5,Forbidden to drink and eat anything 2 hours before the test. Proceed to the hospital for your appointment and our nurses will take you for the test as scheduled

6, Biopsy and Polyps removed should be considered depending on individual situation.