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Notes: 1, Light & plain diet to be taken day before the test. 2, Forbidden to drink and eat anything 12 hours before the test. Proceed to the hospital for your appointment and our n

Notes: 1,Light & plain diet to be taken day before the test. 2,Take medicine (two bottles of Mannitol) four hours before the test (if test is to be done around 9AM then start d

What is a gastroscopy? A gastroscopy is a test where an operator (a doctor or nurse) looks into the upper part of your gut (the upper gastrointestinal tract). The upper gut consists of the oesopha

Painless colonoscopy Colonoscopy is a procedure in which a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscope is attached to a small video camera and passed through the rectum. A colonoscopy is a crucial sc

Renai hospital examination for internal diseases : Gastrointestinal endoscope - an examination that allows doctors to see the inside surface of the digestive tract. The examination is performed us