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Cervical spondylosis-Risk Factors

Dec 1, 2016Posted by nameless

The greatest risk factor for cervical spondylosis is aging. Cervical spondylosis often develops as a result of changes in your neck joints as you age. Disk herniation, dehydration, and bone spurs are all results of aging.

Cervical spondylosis-Risk Factors

Apart from age, there are several other risk factors that may increase the chance of developing cervical spondylitis. These include:

lack of exercise and obesity

previous neck or spinal injuries

previous neck or spinal surgery

severe arthritis

a slipped disc (see below)

repeatedly carrying heavy weights (see below)

Slipped disc

Occupational risk

There is some evidence that people who spend a lot of time carrying heavy weights on their head have an increased risk of developing cervical spondylosis.

For example, a study found that rates of cervical spondylosis were much higher than average in Ghanaians, as in Ghana there is a common practice of transporting heavy loads in this manner.