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What is Eyebrow Restoration

Dec 2, 2016Posted by nameless

What is Eyebrow Restoration

This treatment is ideal for those who suffer from thinning of eyebrows or patchy hair loss on eyebrows. This may be due to a number of factors, such as over plucking, the ageing process, burns or excess stress. Eye brow restoration takes only a few hours. It requires a great deal of skill to accomplish but gives very gratifying results, giving you denser, natural looking eye brows.

At Nu, we know how valuable your time is, that's why we aim to secure your free consultation with your cosmetic surgeon swiftly and at a time convenient to you and when you have your surgery.

The Procedure

Eyebrow transplantation is an incredibly effective treatment. It uses the same principle as hair transplant. Hair from donor area, which is generally the area right behind the ears, is transplanted at the affected site. This hair will continue to grow if carefully transplanted. In terms of success, this method is without peer. For natural looking result it is important that the hair is at the right place and at the right angle.

Later Progress

After the surgery, the area may be somewhat sore however this will subside over the coming week or two. Some areas may scab over, this is completely normal and part of the healing process. We normally recommend people to take about a week off from work to recover and recuperate from the surgery. All of your aftercare is included in your package, meaning you can relax, safe in the knowledge that all your follow up appointments, dressings, any required medications and much more is covered by our comprehensive aftercare program.

Risks & Complications

As with any surgery, there is the small risk of complications with eyebrow transplant surgery. At the time of your consultation, we will take you through that in detail so that you can take an informed decision.

We will not push you for surgery. We will give you all the time and guidance you need to take a decision. We will give you a comprehensive Patient Guide to take home with you. This will answer most of your queries and concerns. If you have any further questions, you can give a call to us and we will provide you our expert advice. You will love us for our honesty, integrity and professionalism.

How does a hair transplant work?

In simple terms, a transplant works by taking existing, healthy hair follicles from a conspicuous part of the head and moving it to an area of hair thinning.

How long does the procedure take?

Normally, the procedure takes a few hours.

How many hair follicles will I need?

This depends on the amount of hair loss or thinning, your surgeon can advise on the approximate number of follicles you will need to give a natural appearance.

Will the results look natural?

A skilled and proficient hair transplant surgeon will be able to give you a very natural look. However, the skills of hair transplant surgeons vary greatly and it is very important to choose an experienced, well-qualified surgeon to give you the best results.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, as the follicles that are transplanted are from a place that is unlikely to loose hair (often the nape), your transplanted follicles are very likely to remain.

When can I go back to normal day-to-day activities?

We recommend that people take a few days off work following the procedure (more if your job is particularly physical). Strenuous activities, heavy lifting and intense exercise should be avoided for about 6 weeks after your surgery.

Are there any alternatives to this surgery?

Yes, there are alternatives to hair transplant that people sometimes find effective. These include medical products and special products that you can apply to the area of thinning. You can discuss this with your surgeon.

When can I fly after the procedure?

You should check with your surgeon regarding safe timings of air travel following your surgery. Many airlines have their own protocols and you should inform your travel insurance company if you have had recent surgery.

We recommend that in the weeks after surgery, you are close to a Nu Cosmetic clinic in case you have any concerns, so foreign holidays may be best avoided until a few months after your procedure.

Am I too young/ too old for this procedure?

All clients must be at least 18 years of age to have surgery. We do not set an upper age limit for our procedures, suitability for surgery will be discussed at your free consultation with your surgeon.