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Dr. GAO Lei
Dr. GAO Lei

Title: Deputy director of Shanghai Renai Hospital, Chief physician of digestive system

Department: Internal Medicine

Language: Chinese

Clinical Working Years: over 20 years

Expertise: Dr. Gao specializes in a variety of digestive endoscopic minimally invasive treatments, such as gastrointestinal endoscope, various endoscopic hemostasis, foreign body extraction, dilation, esophageal&gastric varices ligation and sclerotherapy injection, and related endoscopic treatment techniques as well as endoscopic ultrasound examination and treatment, etc.


As a member of the Standing Committee of Multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, Dr Gao has been engaged in internal medicine clinical work for 24 years. As a former physician in Fuyang Second People’s Hospital, Nanjing TongRen Hospital, and Chinese Medicine Hospital in Minhang District of Shanghai, he has a long career period in clinical teaching and research project, and participated in academic exchange in the filed of digestive department and endoscopy frequently. Dr Gao has rich practical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hepatobiliary pancreatic disease and digestive system disease.