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Dr. HUANG Yangqing
Dr. HUANG Yangqing

Title: Deputy Chief Physician, Surgeon

Department: General Surgery

Language: Chinese

Expertise: Adept at treating hepatic tumors suitable for surgery and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, biliary tract tumors, bile duct stones, pancreatic lithiasis, pancreatic tumors, portal hypertension, hypersplenism, gastrointestinal tract tumors and other diseases, also highly experienced in treating gallstones, laparoscopic surgery for polyps, laparoscopic weight loss surgery, combination therapy for fatty liver, minimally invasive ablation for thyroid nodules and hepatic tumors.


Dr Huang, a M.D., is the incumbent head of Hepatobiliary Surgical Departmentin Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, and a member of Specialized Committee of Liver Cancer in Chinese Medical Doctor Association.